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Contest of Liars - please help me out

What does it take to get the mask for free? I did 15 quests including all yellows and was on the winning team but it still the vendor only offers to sell it for 100k. As I remember at one time if you did the quests and were on the winning team the mask came for free in the mail. Did that changed or was there something else I was supposed to do that I missed?


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    drartwhodentdrartwhodent Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 305 Arc User
    It seems to often get mailed to an alt. Did you check all your characters mail?
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    amascus#1899 amascus Member Posts: 101 Arc User
    None of them got it, all can buy it. So I should have gotten one mailed then? No idea why I am not registering complete I am certain I did everything available. Any ideas appreciated though thank you!
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    rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,860 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    Also as far as I know when you're on the winning team you do not pay the full 100k, you are able to buy it at a discount. The winning team gets one free mailed to them and they can also buy more at a discount. Everyone else has to pay 100k.
    Apparently pointing-out the bleeding obvious is a 'personal attack'.
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    dracomanciendracomancien Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 13 Arc User
    The mask price for the winning team members is 10k
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