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Broomstick Mount

sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,285 Arc User
edited October 2021 in General Discussion (PC)
This Thursday starts the Masquerade of Liars event. If the offer the broom mount at the same cost as last year, there will be a lot of new players complaining about collecting the witch's sash (sometime translated as the witch's rope in some languages) from the pinata. Please be sure to either remind them of fact it will appear in the store on the last day of the event or send them here to read this thread.

Here are my screen shots on the store after the event ended.

This shows you can get the bristles.

And here is the sash.

Have fun at the event! :heart:


  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,589 Arc User
    They actually amended the blog post to note that the last chance vendor has the sash this time, not that people will read it.

    Assuming it was implemented properly(!), the components should be BTA now which will ease farming considerably.
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  • shugenshashugensha Member Posts: 191 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    Don't know if this will help anyone but, got my sash from a piñata opened in a reaper. Also, i noticed that the longer you take to break a piñata, the "better" the rewards. This might just be pure luck or "intended".

    Update: Got another sash from opening one in Vos. So it might get higger chances if the place where you open it has a "high IL".
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