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Chains of blazing light

I was watching some old neverwinter vids and noticed that this used to do dmg and be the main encounter, so why doesn't it do dmg now and has a 15 second cooldown? Don't get me wrong, seering javelin is nice and all, but with how much enemies move around, most times i just hit one of them because mid cast they decide to jump around, and dauntting light has a small radius with a long cast time (unless you proc lightspeed)


  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 9,818 Arc User
    Because they decided to nerf it. The chain was powerful (may be too powerful for their taste).
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  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 778 Arc User
    Yup it was a very popular encounter power used by practically everyone, when you enabled divinity (hit tab which used to give all your powers something extra) the chains turned blue and did even more damage. I don't bother with it today because it doesn't really hold them long enough for my taste to be useful. Searing Javelin is a good AOE which I use myself and its effectiveness in getting as many targets as possible can be increased by where you position yourself. It's better if you're closer to mobs and kite around them in circles and form them into one bunch.

    Fwiw for my DPS build now I use: Encounters: Searing Javelin/Forgemasters Flame (it used to do this really funny thing where it set their heads on fire and they ran around with flaming heads but they got rid of it, pity, it used to make me smile)/Break the Spirit (gives a nice buff to damage from projectile attacks and other classes who do magic attacks by 10% so it's increasing your damage on at-wills.) Dailies: Flame Strike for AEO/Hammer of Fate for single target. At-wills: Lance of faith (main)/Conflagrate (supposed to do a little bit of AEO but I don't use it enough to really take much notice.) Class features: Divine Equilibrium (as divinity is usually somewhere in the middle, never fully empty and never totally full)/Light of the Scales (increases the amount of divinity you get back when you hit tab)

    For my heal build I use: Encounters: Healing Word (nice general instant heal then heal over time for the party)/Bastion of Health (spam it out as it doesn't use a lot of divinity and has a nice long range to quickly heal people also great for healing self)/Intercession (a must to heal a lot of health and save peoples lives without having to work out who needs it most) Dailies: Depends but usually Hallowed Ground and Guardian of Life (with Persistent Guardian enabled) although I swap-out Hallowed Ground with Anointed Army when I know there is a huge one-shot coming-up and everyone is at risk of dying and the party will be spread-out a bit, but if they're together in one lump I still use Hallowed Ground, and Flame Strike if I'm in a rift in CN and need to do more damage on my own, then it gets swapped back to the heal ones again. At-wills: Sacred Flame/Blessing of Light (this gets used before I use Healing word to increase the heal and I also have Blessing of Light selected as the artifact weapon enhancement to increase it even more) Class Features: Overflowing Spirit (ensures the first heal is always more potent)/Desperate Prayers (divinity for me is usually getting low most of the time in the heat of battle so it increases heals during intense moments.
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,265 Arc User
    Mod 16's rebuild of all the classes was rushed and poorly thought out, saddling all the classes with trash powers that no one should use.
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  • destrion#3156 destrion Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    Searing Javeline is the only AOE Encounter clerics have now, i'm not counting Daunting Light because the radius is so small it's only usefull in single target or you'll just end up hitting nothing at all. And Chains of Blazing Light can barely hold mobs for more then a second or 2 (plus does no dmg and has a long CD)
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