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Balance for old and new players

The value you placed on masterwork is closer to 1/10 the of the value older players put into getting into masterwork. The prices should be raised in a way that fair to both parties. A decrease in over all cost is something I dont mind welcoming. But this large of a decrease in value is a slap to the face for all of the AD and grinding to the older players considering it's roughly 1/10th of what it cost us, and that there's no need to grind and run maps like we did. With that in mind the overall price to reach sharandar should be increased drastically from what you currently have it, but should have a lower all around cost for the newer players. It costs, currently, roughly one million AD to complete a book, your value is 100 thousand. Somewhere in the 500-800k range per book of mw1 resembles our efforts while also giving a very comfortable overall decrease in price to those entering. Masterwork should be intended to be difficult to get into, it is mastering something, but I can also see the need of decreasing overall costs.
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