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Vorpal visual bug

Vorpal does not look how it is meant to look at this rank. It is supposed to be very consistent but the appearances go on then off rapidly. Rank 9 looked like a upgrade compared to rank 10. In the character window the enchant looks how it should, but ingame it looks very spazzy and glitchy. Nothing like how it's supposed to. When you use an encounter power or an at-will on your mount the visual of vorpal rank 10 will disappear and the only way to get it back is to disable, and then re-enable it.

1) put a rank 10 vorpal enchantment in your weapon slot and make sure the visual is enabled
2) get on the mount and go to a pack of enemies
3) stay on the mount, but use an at will or an encounter power

observed result: the visual of vorpal disappears even though it was enabled

expected result: for vorpal to be seen as it should when getting off the mount



  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 821 Arc User
    Not sure if it's connected but I used to notice a thing with my soulforged effect when mounted. I have times when I want it off because it completely obliterates the outfit detail, and other times when I want it on because it becomes part of the look. Because of this I would be swapping between having it on and off depending on what I was wearing. I noticed that if I had it turned on and then mounted-up it would turn off while mounted and then come back again when I dismounted, but I wanted it also on while I was mounted and running around like that for consistency. I discovered that if I mounted-up and disabled it then re-enabled it again while mounted, it would appear while mounted, but would then effectively do the opposite and disappear when I got off my mount and I would have to disable then re-enable again to make it show when not mounted. At some point it would reset to default as in when changing maps etc. I know vorpal is a weapon enchant, but it's still an effect and still doing the on and off thing when mounting and dismounting so thought I would mention it.
  • tgwolftgwolf Member Posts: 500 Arc User
    This has been an issue for years and has barely if ever been acknowledged let alone addressed.
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