bard songblade bugs.

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1:when you cast the daily encore and you trigger the ballad of hero sometimes you cant end the ballad of hero with hero finale.

2: ballad of hero and ballad of witch they cant critical hit.

3: encore give the damage bonus of truly inspired and sforzando only for tailwind mambo/steel march/blazed flamenco and not for ballad of hero and witch.

4: tailwind mambo and blazed flamenco most of the times spend 50 perfomance instead of 100. steel march works correctly spending 100 perfomance all the time.

5: contre text bug do not display its conditions when is improvized.

6: dancing lights does 33% of the damage when is improvized instead of 50%.

7: lunging does not proc weapon enchants.

8: ad libitum get stuck and dont deal damage at all when is improvized.

9: sometimes if you dont clear the 30 stacks of playing the audience the players in instance start rubberband.

10: musician flow class feat do not affect steel march which always cost 100 perfomance.

11: redoublement feat: if you use any encounter power in between the strikes of Ad Libitum (or Volti Subito)
Ad Libitum or Volti Subito are automatically turned into their half damage Improvised versions( so they deal half damage)
this occurs even if you do not have Performer feat

12: when you under of the effect of tailwind mambo or steel march or blazed flamenco the encounter will execute twice once for non specific type of damage and once for the the specific type of damage. example with tailwind mambo( projectile damage):

[9/24 18:24][Combat (Self)]Your Ad Libitum deals 31681 (47521) Physical Damage to Target Dummy
[9/24 18:24][Combat (Self)]Your Ad Libitum deals 36197 (54296) Projectile Damage to Target Dummy.

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