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Multiclasser's New Gold Blues (A Protest Song)

earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 394 Arc User

With the advent of the Bard they went all in, hard
almost as hard as as a credit card and upped all the old 14 copper slots to 2.50 gold
without a word.. not a word was heard throughout the realm .. it was always that price to move stones from my helm.
But not from my bow ,symbol or blade.. shield ,belt or cloak.. just pants ,shirt, armor and rings
now it's an extra gold piece or two for all of those things.

Ohh give us a new VIP alternative now there are no injuries from traps
Help me run my 9 classes through all of your maps
and discount the gold costs at a designated rank
for those of us
that change classes from healer to tank
that move things around to find the best ratings
this unannouced gold hike is terribly grating.


Guild Leader Den of the Misfits
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