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Anyone else having issues with certain campaign stores?

rubytruerubytrue Member Posts: 556 Arc User
Right now, for me, Genie's Gifts are not usable on the Storm King's Thunder campaign store. I have the store unlocked and can purchase other items, however, using Genie's Gifts to purchase campaign currency is not an option for either my new toons or older toons. Given 2x skt currency this next week, I hope they get this fixed.

Also, for bards, the Cloaked Ascendency store is missing all the weapons even though those weapons appear in the collections (I really want to see a small army of Tiny Elvi so please make these weapons available).


  • malakut#1916 malakut Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 340 Arc User
    I can confirm that the SKT store will not allow you to spend Genie's Gifts.
  • murphystoutmurphystout Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    Genie's Gifts for Storm King Thunder don't work for me either. I am approaching 400 reputation already and the pile of genie gifts I have saved are still sitting in my inventory. Any chance this is going to be fixed before I complete the campaign?

  • seekey#7769 seekey Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    I also see this problem and in my case the Ten-Town supplies that the pack contains being "marked" as problem. I see the amount of other currencies in white while the amount of Ten-Town supplies is being grey and there's a message "Requirements are not met" in red at the bottom of that window.
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