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Wizard Power Adjustments



  • aday#3795 aday Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    > @arbitrarity said:
    > I had an idea that was entirely too elegant to pass up, unfortunately.
    > Fanning the Flame
    > Add:
    > - When a target affected by Fanning the Flame is killed, the effect jumps to the nearest Smoldering target and refreshes duration.
    > Mastery:
    > - When Fanning the Flame jumps, it triggers damage from/to nearby Smoldering targets immediately. Duration of effect from jumps is reduced to 3s.
    > Intention:
    > Fanning the Flame is a power that requires a big target with a lot of other enemies. It's worthless against groups of weak enemies. By making it jump between targets, it's much more rewarding to use on weaker enemies, and creates some interesting gameplay. The Mastery upgrade makes it hugely rewarding to use in fast fights, if you can manage to apply Smolder first.
    > My second choice was Lightning Bolt, which could use longer range, less cast time/travel time, possibly more width/magnitude, and mastery upgrade to chain lightning.
    > Finally, I will echo calls to put Icy Terrain much earlier in the Wizard encounter powers. Players need some early AOE

    I was about to suggest a change on these two powers (one per each paragon). Since I also find that, being these two the only elemental-related encounter power for each paragon, they are pretty much useless.

    These two, Lightning Bolt and Fanning the Flame, used to be great a few mods before (they both hit hard on a AoE scenario, and Lightning had a wider range). My suggestion would be simply make them as good as they used to be
  • erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    I suggest Lightning Bolt. It is just awful. It was meant to be AoE spell but is has a lot of problems so it's not worth to use at all. Here is what I propose:

    Remove Lightning Bolt and replace it with Chain Lightning. Chain Lightning would work similar to Lightning Enchantment.

    When you strike a foe, you have a 50% chance of arcing a bolt of lightning off of them to nearby foe, dealing Magnitude 60 damage. This can chain up to 3 times.

    This is tooltip of Lightning Enchantment. It's all nice and fine but as it is Encounter power with cooldown it needs some adjustments. I suggest the following:

    Cooldown: same as Lightning Bolt. It should work like single target power for purpose of casting.

    Normal: When you strike a foe you deal Magnitude 220 damage and you have a 100% chance of arcing a bolt of lightning off of them to nearby foe, dealing Magnitude 120 damage. This can chain up to 5 times. Range 80', Radius 20'.

    Mastery: When you strike a foe you deal Magnitude 250 damage and you have a 100% chance of arcing a bolt of lightning off of them to nearby foe, dealing Magnitude 150 damage. This can chain up to 7 times. Range 80', Radius 25'.

    That would help with AoE situation, at least in my opinion.

    Also, some smaller sugestions. Give Imprisonment damage equal or higher to Ray of Enfeeblement and increase radius of Arcane Tempest by 5' for both versions. Improve damage of other AoE spells by at least 10-20% each and if possible, lower their cooldowns a bit. By 1-3 seconds at least for each... Preety please.

    I don't have suggestions for Thaum's. Didn't play as that paragon in a long time.
  • mickbroster#9925 mickbroster Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Returning spell mastery and chill stacks to 1% per stack

    Increase the radius of Arcane tempest. To bring us in line with Hunter and rogue Aoe their powers hit everything plus reduce the damn cast times of and animation of steal time again a Hunter and rogue have hit three aoe encounters by the time it goes off 😤
  • odo#5624 odo Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    i stopped playing wizard cause it sucked. no at will dmg. couldnt proc anything. long cooldowns or ghost cooldowns.
    would you consider changing our weapon to a staff?
    so Steal time needs work. Lightning bolt needs change. storm pillar at will needs change. someone sometime suggested to be like chilling cloud ( balls of electro) . for sure we need electro mechanic for arcanist paragon. magic missiles need to cast more missiles. arcane bolt is meh almost no one use it. arcane tempest is better than shard but still its a mashup of the previous power. shield is meh. make it create shields for all players when in tab? and make entangling force also suspend midair more enemies when in tab.
    also too low % for feats to proc stuff

    fire and ice one paragon. electro and ice the other. arcane stacks are for both.
  • dustcow#4870 dustcow Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    • Responsiveness... often I have to tap a button twice or more to get a power activated.
    • Some powers like Steal time or Icy Terrain are often randomly being cancelled.
    • The Wizard needs a dmg boost across the board. When having the comparable gear with a different class, the wizard is generally scoring lower, so that definitely needs to be evened out.
    • Reduce animation time of Arcane Empowerment.
  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 926 Arc User
    I would like to highlight here one thing you should not do and why.

    I really liked your last change to the Fireball. It was a straightforward change that clicked the exactly right spot to "now throw away the thauma and do not try to give him another chance". Please, do not do the same to the arcanist.

    If the arcanist should do daily solo stuff, he needs the Steal Time power. He needs it. Yes, the power is buggy, yes, when you fight a group of 5, at least 4 mobs have a way to interrupt it. But the power just needs the removal of the bugs, not to be removed from the game!

    additional notes:
    My build is heavy in recharge speed bonuses (including purple mount collar, boon and 3 dragon hearts) and those few seconds down on cool-downs make the fights a lot less frustrating. My most damaging power is my companion though...

    I would not argue against buffing the magnitude of Ray of Frost, but even more I would appreciate if that power did not insist on attacking the air once the combat is over.

    I have no idea why arcanist has a charge-up AoE at-will, there is literally no opportunity to use it. (you will get interrupted if you try to use it in fight... the thauma does at least have a reason to open the fight with his AoE at-will, arcanist does not)

    And I miss the gathering effect of Entangling force in the mastery slot that got removed in m16. :D
  • raziel2004#7353 raziel2004 Member Posts: 88 Arc User
    I play awhile a CW Thaum and my only problems really stacking chills or smolders alas rimefire.. I would like if this reduce or change to double similar element skills activate the effects like frozen or burning or both for rimefire.. The triggered effect deal additional damage and effect like frozen creatures, burning creatures will continue taking damage or DOT like creeping death Warlock, while rimefire instantly combust and deal higher damage. Thank you.
  • xmspxpandaxmspxpanda Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I've been a veteran player since day one with the wizard.

    I believe smokder/ fire needs to go and it should be arcane with frost or arcane with lightning based attacks to allow one another to stack based on the path you take. Both can be DPS but one be specifically designed for aoe while the other targets single target only.

    Cold and arcane can be aoe

    While lightning and arcane can be single target

    Also magnitude to any power need to be upgraded as they are way low compared to other classes as well as cook down periods.

    The wizard needs a lot of work unfortunaly it's hard to say only one thing. I do appreciate you guys looking into the wizard as it is super fun to play.
  • astuteous#9858 astuteous Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I agree with rikitaki as the problem the Wizard has is more about not having a role than one specific power. It can't control bosses/certain creatures and trash mobs can be taken out by the other DPS classes. It's not like D&D ruleset where you need to control/use strategies such as setting traps to get past mobs. DPS is the name of the game in NW and so whatever class has the lowest DPS is going to be the weakest DPS class (class period for that matter).

    That said, if I was to name a spell that needs fixing then it's Steal Time. That spell is finicky. The slightest movement and it fails to execute. It sometimes just fails to execute and the animation takes too long when it works correctly. Quite often, it will time out so to speak and take much longer than what was designed.

    If they are not going to allow the Wizard to control bosses/certain creatures to a limiting degree then they should reduce the cooldown time on the spells to give the class a little more damage imo

  • mvigilmvigil Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    And also 150% USELESS right now!
    tgwolf said:

    Thaumaturge is designed for AoE, focused on Chill and Smolder.

  • thomasisalonethomasisalone Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    I'll "cheat" a bit and offer suggestions for both thaum and arcanist as they are very different dps's.

    Arcanist - Make all the AOEs on the ranged class ranged, please. Only arcane tempest (without using TAB) is ranged by default. Lightning bolt is technically ranged, but it's extremely short and the power is bugged anyway. That a ranged dps needs to jump into mobs groups with the melee classes to cast aoes (without having access to powers to actually jump you into the mobs) makes the gameplay of an aoe arcanist bad.

    Thaum - Change Chilling Advantage to Flaming Advantage: your powers no longer apply chill stacks, and instead procc smoulder on each hit. The mag damage of smoulder should be added to your powers directly to help with proccing the ribcage, goristro horns, and redcap's cap. This should also bypass the cd of directed flames.

    I'd also add that Spell Mastery should be brought back for all encounter powers. On both paragons, less than half the encounters can take advantage of the main wizard mechanic.
  • buffytymebuffytyme Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Imprisonment needs to be made useful. It is the last power you gain as a wizard and should be "more". It should be worth slotting. Add HIGH amount of damage to it and decrease the recharge speed.

    Also look at the mag to recharge ratio on all powers. It is WAY off compared to the other classes. You can see this for yourself in a dungeon. By the time I am halfway through a rotation most of the mobs are dead and my team is moving on to the next mob while I am stuck in a buggy animation. Arcane Tempest was a good move in the right direction for this as it's cast time is fairly low compared to the other powers. The mag on it is still too low but at least you get to cast a few encounters rather than trying to cast something else with a really long cast time.
  • ijediijedi Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    As someone that's played CW since drop on PS4, I have to disagree with ST being Arcanist and AoE being tharum. My reasoning is that Arcanist have more AoE encounters, a faster casting AoE at-will, and more burst damage to keep up with other class in mob burning considering the fact CC no longer exists in the game. Tharum simply takes too long to add stacks of smolder/rimfire and chill. Arcane Empowerment daily is designed around AP gain, with AP gears, mobs produce the most AP with companions like energon. Making arcanist ideal for AoE.

    Tharum powers, for example, Fanning the flame is designed for a big target with mobs and Fireball simply takes too long to cast; whereas icy terrain and conduit of ice are good, but mobs will be dead before you get them off together to freeze mobs. Ray of Enfeeblement is a nice debuff we have in ST, and other other encounter powers should be based on stacking smolder/rimfire smolder and chill.

    Tharum is designed to burn with DoT, that one feat that turns the rimefire smolder into a bust damage, while keeping chill stacks and smolder stacks was probably the most useful feat we had but now useless. Stacking smolder, rimfire smolder and chill takes too much time to apply to mobs, this to me looks more boss focused to make this mechanic useful. I don't want to be a tharum that needs to be casting arcane spells like repel and entangling force when spells like Fanning the flame, Fireball or icy ray can be reworked to be useful. Arcanist are focused on arcane and lightning with the often ice spell for elemental reinforcement feat (imprisonment can be buffed for them so RoE isn't constantly stacked and both paragon work in synergy). Tharum doesn't have such a feat, so no, I shouldn't be needing to use arcane encounters as main damage skills in a ST fight while relying on critical conflagration to keep up my smolder.

    Another problem is our feats don't work, only a few class features are useful and our magnitude are way below every other dps class in game. Fix those first before jumping to fixing any giving skills.

    I may have went off topic and mixed a few things up but the general idea is there.
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