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Response to dev blog on vault content for mod 21

flyball#6248 flyball Member Posts: 158 Arc User
After reading the dev blog on this I am left to wonder how these vaulted content areas will affect Legacy campaigns that utilize these areas.

Maze Engine has random quests to do in all of the vaulted content. (Defenders of the Sword Coast quests)
The Cloaked Ascendency has content running in Black Lake

How will these campaigns be completed of content areas are removed, or are these full campaigns also being removed?


  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 824 Arc User
    Maps being removed, per the blog post:

    Blacklake District
    Tower District
    Blackdagger Ruins
    Helm's Hold
    Pirate's Skyhold
    Rothe Valley
    Mount Hotenow

    So no post level 60 campaign zones are impacted at the moment. Well, post level 60 in the pre-Mod 21 era.

    As others have noted though - it's anyone's guess what will get the Sharandar treatment for Mod 22. Dread Ring, Underdark, IWD???
  • flyball#6248 flyball Member Posts: 158 Arc User
    For the cloaked Ascendency and for the Maze Engine Campaigns you need Blacklake, and Mt Hotenow and Pirate's Skyhold for individual questlines in those campaigns. If the areas are vaulted and not available those quests cannot be completed. Heck adv inc even goes into the Black Lake District for the job fare, Privates Skyhold for a rescue mission though that content seems separate from the main content line.

    I also think rather than vaulting oldm content, they can create new content in those existing areas. Why can't each area have as many areas as Protectors Enclave for exploration
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 782 Arc User
    I think they want to save server space but that's just me.
  • caldochaud#4880 caldochaud Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    edited June 17
    I've also noticed that Acquisition Incorporated's campaign store is gone... at least on the test server. I got all of those stupid wooden coins and I can't spend them!
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  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,061 Arc User

    I think they want to save server space but that's just me.

    or put the game on life support in a crappy server
  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,214 Arc User
    arcanjo86 said:

    or put the game on life support in a crappy server

    All their games share space on the same server. That's why when one goes down, they generally all go down.
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  • xenocide#6577 xenocide Member Posts: 205 Arc User
    Luckily Neverwinter is by far their best project 😁
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