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new companion gear - refinement points - win win

onlymatonlymat Member Posts: 318 Arc User
People alredy have millions of RP. There are no farms for refinement points. Refining ist not worth alot of AD.

It would be cool if you could upgrade your companion gear drops in sharandar. It could even be stupid amount of RP to upgrade.
250k refinement points from green to blue - and 500k from blue to purple - or 500k an 1 mill.
This way it would be a win win for all.
Win for the players - I get a green drop - well i upgrade it.
Win for Neverwinter - Refinement points gets reduced heavily - so prices for diamonds Opals and so on increase - more sells on tradehouse more AD out of the game - the refinement drops in lockboxes could be good again in the future.
Things like wanderes fortune will be used more often again.
And content will be played more often because maybe I need o farm refinement - can I get a Diamond out of maps in Sea of moving Ice? Yes I can......

what do you think?

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