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Sharandar gear - what am I missing here?

janhow#7164 janhow Member Posts: 27 Arc User
So I have a lvl 80 Blademaster Barb. I've spent countless hours crunching numbers for the recent changes. Why am I only seeing a few pieces of gear that would help from Sharandar? Power is still a needed stat - where does that come from with all the Sharandar gear? All I see is my current lvl53 gear score going way higher and all the important stats I need going way lower... Currently I have nothing from Sharandar except the 2 Boons that is worthwhile. I'm waiting to see what the next campaign looks like, if it's anything like this I'll be gone also. I've dropped a good amount of money and time into this game, but I can cut my losses like I've done with other games and move on.


  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,800 Arc User
    I use two +5 rings from Avernus to get my power up during combat, I bought them on the AH. (Ring of the Brutal Fiend +5 and Ring of Fallen Power +5) My power stat looks rubbish when I'm at rest but when I'm fighting it goes up fine when acting with what I have slotted elsewhere as well. Not everyone would like it this way though and might prefer to have a static stat instead.
    Apparently pointing-out the bleeding obvious is a 'personal attack'.
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