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"Part of the Pack" not working between Tamed and Feral

koopa#2554 koopa Member Posts: 3 Arc User
So I sent in a ticket, and they told me to come here. So after a few days I can FINALLY make my post.

The "Part of the Pack" buff isn't stacking between the two raptor types; Feral and Tamed. I use a Feral and my 3 usual group mates use the Tamed, but I'm not receiving any increase to my Awareness, nor are they receiving Power for my contribution.

1) Log in to a character with Feral Velicorapter
2) Slot the Companion Bonus - Feral Raptor's Instincts.
3) Note your Awareness Stat
4) Join a group of players (or just one) with "Raptor's Instincts" Companion Bonus equipped.
5) Note No change in stats for either player

Observed Result:
No Part of the Pack Bonus Granted between players

Expected Result:
Part of the Pack Bonus should be granted and stack according to the amount of players that have either raptor Companion bonus equipped.

I'm also not entirely sure, but I havn't seen the stat increase listed as a buff either. I remember it use to, so it might not be showing up under status effects either.


  • wilbur626wilbur626 Member Posts: 1,015 Arc User
    edited April 2021
    You will never get a boost to awareness from Tamed Raptors in your party.
    The Tamed Raptors provide an increase to power, Feral Raptors provide an increase to awareness.
    For you to get an increase to awareness from "Raptor's Instincts", you have to have multiple Feral Raptors in party.

    If you slot a Feral Raptor while others in party are running Tamed Raptors, the expected result is that all party members get 1X increase to awareness (3,8%) and you get 4X increase to power (4x3,8%)

    If all party members run both Feral and Tamed Raptors, expected result will be 4x awareness boost + 4x power boost.

    Elite Whaleboy
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