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Help with "A Fragment of Hope"

Hi all! I have completed collecting the Canian Iron Bars needed to complete this quest step. I have 179 bars and the quest task needs 150. The campaign box for it shows Available and that all requirements are met but when I click Start to close out the task, it does not do anything. Any thoughts? I tried looking through the quest log but I dont see any quests missed for this and I have all requirements shown as available but it just wont initiate closing out this task. Thanks in advance.


  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,134 Arc User
    edited March 3
    Weird. Did you try rebooting your console? Sometimes it helps...

    Also (unlikely) try taking all quests from all the NPCs in the Wandering Emporium - including the one from the cartographer off to the side.
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