Defiance Closing Up Shop

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The F2P MMORPG is closing up shop permanently in April. Per official announcement. That game started around the same time as Neverwinter Online. To the Dev Team, Need to get this game sorted in a big way. Covid, the economy, isn't very forgiving. The reworks and so forth hurt the community numbers each and every time. The rehash of old stuff also loses its luster very fast. This system needs a huge boost and it needs it urgently now. How about give players additional % DMG for each 1000 IL above scaled level? This way the system isn't taking a dump on legacy player base. What about some type of % better loot for chests for additional IL as an incentive? Needs something to get players to actually want to queue and play. I have accounts on PC and console. I mean check my profile. You'll see i started in Beta May 2013. .......
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    all that happened to the game starting mod15 /some ppl will say earlier/ is very bad management and trying actively to reduce the player base :D maybe they dont have strong servers that can sustain more players, so they need to cut it in half every year :D