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Bug - Visual - Other Maps

Bug - Trees and other objects (random grass and plants) missing from Barovian map on Preview.

Note: I haven't checked the similar bug in Chult lately on Live or Preview, but I won't hold my breath on getting these visuals fixed quickly. This is what comes every time there is a new module. Seems like you couldn't break other maps you are not even working on at present.


  • liadan1984#8734 liadan1984 Member Posts: 292 Arc User
    Looks like they've borrowed some trees to generate the Sharandar map....

    Or, someone marked Borovia out for deforestation...
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  • theelusiveone#4954 theelusiveone Member Posts: 161 Arc User
    Wow, just went and checked it out myself. Looks like an insane lumberjack went nuts there.
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    Neverwinter SOLO Alliance
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,589 Arc User
    Always had mixed feelings about m14 but at least the atmosphere was perfect. It's wrecked now.
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  • cryptic39#8917 cryptic39 Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 81 Cryptic Developer
    We definitely did not mean to deforest Barovia, but this is an issue with the preview build, and will be addressed in a later patch.
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