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Please Cryptic devs consider my whisper knife fixes/suggestions

nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 86 Arc User
edited December 2020 in The Thieves' Den
I really want to see this path appreciated more, but i can feel why it isn't as a long time WK player. I believe these are more fixes than suggestions and hope the devs can fix these and consider the suggestions parts.

Class Feature: - Advantageous Position - (for 5 seconds after leaving stealth you maintain CA and take 20% reduced dmg). This does not trigger when casting 'Shadowy Disappearance' which puts you in stealth for 1.5 seconds, Advantageous Position should trigger, it does not.

'Shadowy Disappearance' should also trigger class feature 'Talisman Of Shadows' as Talisman Of Shadows triggers when you enter stealth, it does not though?.

Talisman Of Shadows just doesn't work with the current 1 second effect, it just isn't enough time for any reason to use this feature to do anything with. It's the last Class Feature unlocked and should be worth the level unlock. It also seems more like 0.5 of a second foes are dazed, which gives you nothing to use this for. It's a good feature but needs at least the effect to be at least 1.8 seconds to be useful and to actually be noticeable.

My first 2 suggestions i think are more fixes than suggestions.

WK is regarded as a more "AOE" path (although also regarded as a weak AOE), and so it should be focused on that and improving that aspect seeing as the assassin has the single target down and has been said in forums can even do good AOE.
Maybe one of the single target encounters in the WK paragon should be replaced with an AOE encounter with "ranged" rather than "radius" to synergise with "Dagger Threat".

Shuriken Toss compared to gloaming cut just doesn't compete at all, i use it because i like it, but i get my butt kicked lol. Suggestions to improve the at-will: if targets are all in close radius then the shuriken has x amount chance to ricochet more than once, reduce cast time, the ricochet hit has 5% chance to daze target for 1.2 seconds, ricochet hit applies a DoT etc. Just ideas to help the At-Will be used more.

The fact is, WK IS the least played path, but the potential is there. WK should focus more the AOE aspect of it as assassin has the single target locked down. Whisper Knife should be a more personal space AOE(seeing as wizard is large AOE). Replace a single target encounter with one that has the range + radius tag(to synergise with Dagger Threat). There should be a new range AOE for the WK paragon if it's to be the more focused AOE path.

Also could i get some definite clarification on the class feature 'Dagger Threat' please, maybe the community can help if you 100% know for sure.
Class Feature Dagger Threat - Your ranged "ATTACKS" deal 7.5 more damage. Well encounter powers like smoke bomb/Lashing Blade have the keyword "range" but the range is melee, so are this affected?. Both these are within Melee distance, but have "range" as the keyword", so does Dagger Threat include these.

Gutterborn's Touch - Your ranged "POWERS" deal 5% more dmg. Again does this affect Smoke bomb, lashing blade as they have the keyword "range". Dagger Threat says ranged "attacks", Gutternborns Touch says ranged "powers". I've look online but all is years dated and unreliable now.
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