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I would like to know what will happen to all the items with Armor Penetration on them, I seem to be getting a lot of Insignia of Brutality now from end chests and you are still selling them in ZEN but in a month that will mean what to use, should we be upgrading them because they will have the Armor Pen changed to something useful or just keeping to exchange at exchange kiosk, Dark Enchantments what's the deal with them Companion influence and Armor Pen now defunct, what will become of these are they now only crit avoid will that be increased to a great amount to compensate, you sell refinement packs but I would not buy any if I was a newcomer or old timer when anything refined may just be defunct next update, Blue Ioun stone I have spent a lot on updating them for the armor pen augment and now like all the companions I updated for incoming healing that were extremely reduced this seems to be more wasted real world dollars on companion upgrade tokens. I will not be buying anything that upgrades anything until we know, how about mounts next we have Mythic KOS Power and Armor what will be the new passive power for all the Mounts that have Armor Pen and with the new cap on power don't tell me that power will be increased on these, next what about artifacts and mount/companion powers that give extra weapons damage as that is no going to be possible. Anyone else with concerns about items companions or mounts please add to my questions the devs need to explain all, don't upgrade anything until we know.


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