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Deep Thoughts

samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
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Just stopped in to see what players are talking about. I am waiting on my Cyberpunk 2077 to update and I am installing another game on my PS4 tonight. My friends were asking if I took the refund offered by Sony for Cyberpunk... that really kind of ticks me off. Bethesda can crank out pure garbage on the PS4 and never offer a refund, so why would I want a refund on a game working ten times better? There is that and I am waiting to see what you all got me for Christmas this year.

As I said, I dropped by to look in the forums and see what people are saying, over the past weekend, looks like not much. I guess everyone is more or less pleased, not many complaints here either. I don't think I will bother playing the winter event this year. I don't see anything new being added to the mix. That is understandable as they are busy on mod 20 coming out in January.

I don't post "new topics" here very often, in fact my prior one was in 2016. Maybe I will think of something "new" to talk about in 2024? Returning to my PS4 now...
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