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Looking for group.

Hi I'm Harley. I been trying to get a group together for the past couple of months to do watcher runs. Only reason is to get the Golden Hammer of the Watcher from Longing for my pally. I have had little to no luck due to no one willing to do it due to the rate and time it takes to hopefully get the wraith to spawn in the right room. Or no one replies at all. So if anyone is interested in helping me out it would be well appreciated. Thanks and happy hunting.


  • xcessiveforce40xcessiveforce40 Member Posts: 246 Arc User
    Harley, did you ever get your watcher weapon? I know some still hang in Yawning asking for watcher runs. You may also want to join the ps4 groups on Facebook, which are not associated to the forums but have many members and active guilds who can help. FB seems way more active than the forums which is why I suggested posting their as well. Good luck! I hope you get them. The shield looks so cools with the huge eye on it.

    Founder: Xcessiveforce GF, Xcessiveheals DC, XcessiveRange HR, XcessiveArcana CW, XcessiveStab TR
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