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[Temporarily Closed] CDP Topic: Quality of Life Improvements

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,495 Cryptic Developer
UPDATE 10/20/2020

After some internal discussion, we would like to reopen this thread to get more feedback on folks' top 3 ideas presented. This phase was initially skipped due to the blending of all the phases but we still believe it is a valuable snapshot in helping guide our proposal.

Phase 3: Top 3 ideas with a single sentence of why for each line item.

Please do not use the re-opened thread to propose new ideas or discuss ones already presented - any posts that isn't "top 3" will be removed.


Greetings Collaborators! We are kicking off a new topic with feedback and insight gained in the CDP CDP. Because of this, the format for this CDP will be slightly different.

Per community vote, the topic chosen is Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements. Examples of QoL areas in game development include (but are not limited to):
  • Display options for the character journal.
  • Inventory management improvements.
  • Streamlining mission flow in a zone.


Due to potential variance on perspectives for this topic, we ask that your response include the following:

Description and Goal: What is the feedback and what would it accomplish.
Area of Impact: Describe what area of the game this would impact such as graphics/visuals, ease of use, non-gameplay mechanics, etc.
Risks & Concerns: What problems can you foresee with implementing your feedback.

Please try to keep your comment to 400 words (spoiler functionality can be used if you wish to provide more detail). For ease of reading and feedback gathering, we urge folks to avoid “walls of text” and instead ensure there is clarity, cohesion, and focus.

We will be breaking this topic into Phases, with each Phase being added to the thread title.

Phase 1: Posting ideas and related questions (not discussions).
Phase 2: Discussions (not arguments!) of proposed ideas from Phase 1
Phase 3: Top 3 ideas with a single sentence of why for each line item.

Thread will be temporarily closed after each phase to allow for everyone to catch up. As a reminder, off-topic threads will be removed to avoid clutter and distractions.

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  • xander#0631 xander Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Description and Goal: streamlining mission - we get too much exp from too many sosurces

    Area of Impact: on my first character levelling was a slow process, with the foundry often i started a loooooong quest not even related to the zone, and got little experience, remeber ebow down, 1h to get 1 level.

    now we have less quest with a lot of exp, so a lot of zones can be skipped, people rush to lvl 80, then unlock last campaign and play that.
    same thing with the campaing, once reached 70 all start undermountain, and the older campaing are done (maybe) after they got carried in the new zones and see that they don't do damage to mob (or quit because they have the item level suggeted for the maps, but can't play in it).

    make player forced to play zone, quest, campaing in the right order; at least on your first character.
    you can't have player locked on somi for 6 month because they don't like it? make older campaign no more time gated, make them like elemental evil, or undermountain, and keep the quest repetable once comlpeted.

    Risks & Concerns: i can foresee a lot of problem, seasoned player and to ones that buyed the campaign completion tokens will not like this, maybe new player will not like to have to play 3 month before reaching last released content.
    reality is what most recognize as true
  • xander#0631 xander Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Description and Goal: inventory management - put some order

    Area of Impact: create different tab (like we have now for keys, fashions, etc) to order: gear, refinement item (enchantment, overload, refining stones, mount insignia, gems), consumable (food, potions, altars, kits,invocation bonus ), quest item, personal item (companion, mount, bag from invocation, quartemaster, ardent (or celstial?) coin, genie gift, lockboxes, etc), next to sell item (to put the thing that will be sold at the next vendor --> making a way to sell stuff in bulk)

    Risks & Concerns: how to suddivide all the bags you have in the tabs, meaning of the bags with this new system, implementation complexity
    reality is what most recognize as true
  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User
    Mail Box/inventory/storage

    Delete all (with no attachments) take all ; Take all auction house (but not other) 
    Delete all auction house (but not all other)
    Universal or automatic grab of sold or returned items. I.e  a button you can push that says please open and send all proceeds of sold items across my mail boxes to this toon. 
    Universal delete all auction house emails that do not have item attached. 

    Leaderboard (for lack of a better word) to track what you've sold and bought on the ah. being able to track by month would be good too. 

    A way to search all of your toons for an item without having to visit each one. 
    a way to consolidate items across all toons without having to visit each one  (I.e Search term y, rank 5 check grab all. result all marks of potency rank five have been deposited to the toon you have searched from.   
    or start with a list of your toons pick one and everything you search for is deposited to that toon space allowing. 

    the goal is to free up time spent in inventory management to actually play the game. I see no draw backs. There is no way I could anticipate developer drawbacks.
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