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Is Tyrannical Curse broken?

jonchillyjonchilly Member Posts: 33 Arc User
So I was doing some testing using ACT on my Warlock, decent stats etc (195k power, capped offense stats) and with 5 stacks of Soul Investiture and a curse on the target for 12% more damage, TC would only hit for like 150k non crit or 300k crit. Now this is fine and I can live with it, what I can't understand is when I use it in a 5 minutes rotation at least 4 times, I can only see that it has hit once for the 900 magnitude hit it is supposed to do.

Am I missing something here as it seems quite low to hit only 300-350k with a crit with 20% more damage from SI and 12% more damage from the feat + I'm a metal dragonborn so more % damage again.

I was aware that it was already broke but from what I've read on the forums it was being investigated to be fixed in Mod 19. Is that the case? If so it definitely needs another look. Can supply ACT logs if required.

Hopefully a dev sees this and responds but I'm not holding no breathe here.....
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