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Lliira firework donation

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Administrator Posts: 3,298 Community Manager
We are aware of an issue where Lliira favors were given when donating just 1 firework. We are investigating the issue and will not be taking any action against players.


  • vaultingfrog#2497 vaultingfrog Member Posts: 96 Arc User
    I know I'm late to the party since the event ended but.... Yay let's take away something that benefits the player because our costs are stupid high and normal players will never be able to afford anything.
  • melotai#0794 melotai Member Posts: 67 Arc User
    For me, donating the correct amounts usually got me nothing in terms of what I wanted. Donating just the one usually got me what I really wanted and I only had to repeat it a few times in the instances where the quest did not complete.

    In my opinion, if donating the correct amounts had guaranteed an X amount of Lliira Favor (or even had the same RNG that was happening for the one firework donation) I would have done it the correct way all the way. Currently, the RNG for the extra Lliira Favor just makes it another event where I do the bare minimum needed to complete the daily currency quest(s) for maybe future purchases.

    While I did not report this there were also instances where the quest completed before the fireworks event timer ran out. But, that only happened a few times when returning to PE from the Workshop or a Stronghold.
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