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Sharandar Campaign Start glitch

ravenokami#4514 ravenokami Member Posts: 288 Arc User
1. Lvl 80 character (currently using a Dragonborn wizard)
2. Open Campaign window, aka Sword Coast Chronicles.
3. Scroll down to highlight an unstarted Sharandar campaign.
4. Tap Square to start the campaign.

Observed: It gives you the Festival of Bryan Shander mission to start the Storm King’s Thunder campaign.

Expected: It gives you the correct mission to start the Sharandar campaign.

The above happened in Caer-Konig. Went to Protector’s Enclave, and tapping Square didn’t offer me any mission.
Also, offers nothing when in Mantol-Derith, but offers that SKT mission when in Dread Ring.

In short: The new way to start legacy campaigns seems simple in theory, but it has been poorly executed if it is this oddly unpredictable. Might consider fixing these campaign starts so as not to leave new (even veteran) players with a WTH head-scratch.
Raven Okami
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