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Dragonborn race not giving +2 stats

Having issues with my character.
I have a rogue. She was originally a drow when i first created her in May.
I recently brought the charity pack that comes with the dragonborn race, i re-rolled my race to a dragonborn, because who doesn't want that +2 stat bonus?
I have race re-rolled several times now but my dragonborn rogue is not giving correct stats.

I selected Strength and Dexterity, Base rogue is 13 str and 18 dex. Mine is staying at base rogue.
It should be 15 str and 20 dex.

I carefully selected strength and dexterity and i am not getting the +2 increase the dragonborn should give. This of course effects the physical damage % and crit severity %.

I have changed race a few times to try and reset but it has not reset.


  • fidget#8189 fidget Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    i have reported this and the email advised me to post it here.
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