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Defending ring of the Keeper not working

paulamyo#4926 paulamyo Member Posts: 73 Arc User
edited May 2020 in Player Feedback (PC)

I didn´t know if Bulwark´s shield stacks 2 times like is said for DPS ring bonuses and I have been testing it. I found that NOT EVEN THE FIRST BONUS seems to be working.

I made my tests in TOMM me alone, having defense a lot over cap in all tests and with no other resistance bonuses.

I tried with no "Defending ring of the Keeper" and got exactly 50% of reduction as expected:
[Combat (Self)] Halaster deals 251568 (503135) Arcane Damage to you with Arcane Blast.

Then I tried with one ring, and got... again 50% of reduction.
[Combat (Self)] Halaster deals 248266 (496533) Arcane Damage to you with Arcane Blast.

And then I tried with 2 "Defending ring of the Keeper", and obviously I got... 50% of reduction:
[Combat (Self)] Halaster deals 197455 (394909) Arcane Damage to you with Arcane Blast.

I have tested whith other enemies in case it was some problem with Halaster, same results.

Am I testing it correctly or missing something? Des it only work if you are under the cap?

Or just the only high level ring intended for tanks is not working?

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