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Two Healer Bug

I think it was reported before on PC but I couldn´t find an answer.
Sometimes, when you enter a random dungeon, you have two helaers in your group.
It happened to me in t9, lomm, and FBI as far as I Remember. Last time it happened yesterday with t9.


  • johnnystranger#5900 johnnystranger Member Posts: 365 Arc User
    Happened to us in Lomm 2 days ago as well .
  • joe7777joe7777 Member Posts: 509 Arc User
    They know about it, just a matter of finding a way to fix it.
  • melotai#0794 melotai Member Posts: 161 Arc User
    It is still a problem on PC but definitely not as bad as when it first started. It still happens when I attempt to play my DC in RTQ but not often and during those few times it has happened it was always for the cradle one. For REQ it is possible that they may have fixed it but I no longer do REQ with my DC because of it and when I do it with my DPS toons I do not see it.
  • bumhug#4005 bumhug Member Posts: 92 Arc User
    Again Yesterday, Lomm, me as a Pala Heal and a second Pala Heal. We had to quit after first Arcturia try. It costs time, cause you are not able to instantly quit a dungeon without getting a penalty (don´t know if this word is correct?)
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