Appearance item Deleted accidentaly

keru#9279 Member Posts: 44 Arc User
For the second time, i tried deleting an armor item in the appearance tab and it got stuck on that window. When i tried hitting the cancel button to get out of there the one piece i was wearing got deleted , mistakenly. matter of fact 2 items got deleted bc it happened twice i just dont know what was the 2nd item's name.... I tried filing a ticket and i cant. The page only load forums and there is no choice to file a ticket only phone numbers and address. The item deleted was the Safety Harness armor piece. I've tried farming for it again but no luck. Got 40 Juma bags and wasnt lucky to get it from there either. Today im going to keep trying.

The main purpose of this post is if its possible for the devs to allow us to lock this items so that we can keep them safe inside of the inventory tab?
Thank you.