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Challenge of the Gods/Seeker of the Gods

I believe there's two Challenge of the Gods that aren't dropping this event, and there's one challenge that isn't adding to the tracker.

Chauntea/collect 3 skill nodes, was sitting at 8/11 complete, finished it, fairly certain it did not update to 9/11. I traveled out of the stronghold map to a map with skill nodes, which I thought may have broken it. Tested by getting a Chauntea challenge in Undernountain, finishing without traveling, still 8/11. Been trying going to all different zones each time I get this to see if it has an effect. Have completed it in Undermountain, Well of Dragons, Reclemation Rock, Tower District.

Corelleon/survive at below 50% HP for 30 seconds, has never dropped. I've been trying getting myself to below 50% HP before kills to see if that adds it to the drop table. Kelemvor doesn't require this and it's a below 50% HP challenge as well, but all-around can't be sure.

Amaunator/donate to guild stronghold, has never dropped (I've been farming in the Stronghold map exclusively to allow for this to appear).

I got the other Amaunator challenge to drop - online research says there are two distinct Amaunator challenges. The stronghold donation one seems to not be on the challenge drop table though.

This is all after maybe 200 or so challenges dropped, mostly in the Stronghold map.

Please assist! This event comes rarely and is tied to the Seeker of the Gods achievement, don't want to have to wait a year+ for another shot at it.


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