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Hellpit event is....

ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,586Member Arc User
I know for me, this event is the epitome of boring. I'm 2 runs in and can't fathom how anyone could think 21 days of this would be fun.

I'm running on my pally and it's basically turned into a repetitive pattern of hit vow, shield up, stand there for the majority of 2 minutes, grab a bite, skim through headlines, grab a book, etc, then wipe everything with burning light. Rinse, repeat per round.

No fun. No excitement. The 2 minutes per round seems like just another way to make sure the event takes a minimum amount of time per the devs discretion so we can't blast through it too quickly. 10-12 minutes isn't going to make or break people. But 10-12 mind numbing minutes of boredom may very well break them.

This is a glorified solo CTA. Which is funny because the CTAs were scaled down even further to discourage solo runs. Wrap your head around that one.

What are your thoughts on the Hellpit event? What class are you running? Is it fun for you?


  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,512Member Arc User
    It gets progressively harder.

    Waves of different types of enemies with harder stats will appear, along with harder rounds in week 2.
    If the CC based rounds appear like they did on PC, I think you'll notice the difference.

    I imagine (depending on any tweaks made since PC had it) that in two weeks this forum will have posts about how it's too hard and impossible to complete.

    A solo CTA is pretty much what it is, probably in response to all the pissing and moaning about leeches in those events.

    It's not really any different to running a CTA solo, except the difficulty and rewards will increase across the duration of the event.
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