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A talk about Professions and Masterwork

exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 253 Arc User
Note: This is just my personal oppinion and my thoughs about this resource, that always have huge potential.

I'm just wondering about this...

When the mod.15 arrived with the professions revamp, we at least have a option to buy a very expensive, but a BiS item; or do a absurdely high investment on a toon, and craft the item by yourself, and profit. At this point it was well worth investing in professions.

And then, the mod.16 comes, with the huge changes on the game. Today, no item is worth to craft to use (except some few ones but only for transmute) because they are very obsolete. Example: The Lionheart weapons have almost the same effect as the highest tier of Stronghold/Masterwork weapons, but much better !! And who use nowadays a piece of any MW Gear (Armor, Boots, Gloves, Belt, rings, etc) ?

The few remaining crafters left in the game who invested tens of millions of AD to reach MW 5, almost got no return in their investment after module 16.

And those who started playing a short time ago (like, about 2 months or more) wonder what it is for, and they are encouraged not to start doing the workshop because there is no purpose/profit to it, as it is currently a total waste of time, and that investment that can be used in much better things.

So what the players want to see in their toon using MW gear ? High numbers of damage or Healing or HP or wharever. Things like this that can be more possible with MW gear than the campaign gear.

Isn't that the purpose of MW Gear? Super high investment, high difficult to craft, but at least, you'll create a BiS item.... And always a BiS item !

So we need a incentive to craft and use Masterwork gear again, maybe for next module or for module 19....


Here some my personal suggestions:

- First and foremost, I'm thinking about a new rank of MW, but with the biggest differential. Every new module, the highest MW tier items will be updated, but not with new items and no need to add a new tier. Instead of this, just increase their actual IL to a value 100 points higher or more than the all new module campaign items.

- Make less difficult (specially about success chances. Sometimes, you fail to craft even with 100% success rate) to craft items as their advance their MW rank.

- Option to craft unique 3-slot Companion Gear, to use again that Overload Enchantments for companions, with all possible combinations of 2 ratings.

- Option to craft new Overload enchantments, like that Hell Pit items, and new ones that increasing DoT damage (poison, fire, etc) for example.

- Option to craft old unobtainable gear (Black Ice weapons, Draconic Weapons etc).

- Also, an upgraded version of Forgehammer of Gond is needed for this.

- Change the new MW set items to match the new rating system (for MW 6).


Weapons (Actual)

Stronghold Unity set: You and nearby allies are granted the following:

+2% Outgoing Damage
+2% Outgoing Healing
-2% Incoming Damage

This effect may stack up to 5 times when allies are equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons.

Weapons (New)

Stronghold Unity II set: You and nearby allies are granted the following:

+3000 in all ratings (offensive and defensive)

This effect may stack up to 5 times when allies are equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons, or 10 times during a Trial if another players in the same instance that is not in your party are using a set of Stronghold weapons.

Cloak and Belt (Actual)

Masterwork III set:

When you use an encounter power, you gain a stack of Alacrity, granting 500 Accuracy and 1000 Movement for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Cloak and Belt (New)

You and nearby allies are granted the following, depending how much allies are equipped with a set of Masterwork set. Stack up to 5 times:

1 stack
+5% Outgoing Damage
2 stacks
+5% Outgoing Healing
3 stacks
+10% Recharge Speed
4 stacks
Increase your max Health by 3%
5 stacks
Increase all your ratings (offensive and defensive) by 3%

- And for last, if you are equipped with both Masterwork sets (Weapons and Cloak+Belt), this will make you even strong depending how much pieces of que new MW gear you're also wearing (Armor, Boots, Weapons and rings), just like the Tales of Old set.

EDIT: Correcting some typos
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