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Heart of the Black Dragon

Heart of the Black Dragon currently states in its tooltip that the active goes from an 8% damage increase at legendary, to a 6% damage increase at mythic (same as epic).

I'm on console - can't test if it's just a tooltip issue, or if mythic and epic-qualities provide the same buff.

This artifact sees regular use in group content/isn't dead. think it's worth bringing up and putting time into fixing.


  • knightrider86#9458 knightrider86 Member Posts: 83 Arc User
    never noticed that till seeing your post but yeah be good to know if this is a tooltip bug or if the arty is bugged i mean since stuff like the staff says 10k gain but the actually artifact is only 5k gain
  • sekosek#5740 sekosek Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    edited December 2019
    As I remember correctly its 10% debuff for 10 seconds. Probably tooltip is wrong.

    Edit: Ok, I just tested it on PC and its 10% for 10 seconds.
  • blueradium#7393 blueradium Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Glad to hear it! Thanks for the confirmation.
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