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Ranger class features and feats

jman3l#5579 jman3l Posts: 58Member Arc User
edited December 5 in Player Feedback (PC)
@nitocris83 I was doing some testing and it seems the crushing roots class feature isn't working correctly? Both damage tests I ran with and without crushing roots for same amount of time and rotation yielded roughly the same amounts of damage. I'm not sure how much of a boost crushing roots is supposed to give, so any feedback would be helpful.

For the Hunter paragon, was wondering if the 2nd feat tree (thorned roots vs critical action) could be looked at in a later mod. It doesn't seem as impactful as some of the other feats in both hunter and warden. Critical action and thorned roots buff could help bring the hunter paragon in line with other top dps builds. Let me know what you think.

Edit: @noworries#8859 wasn't sure who to link. I'm open to discussing this further as well, especially the crushing roots bug.
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