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While loading map after accepting random trial queue, kicked to login screen. Is this common?

Twice now I have been kicked out of the game to the login screen while Neverwinter PS4 was on the map loading screen, after accepting the prompt saying the random trial queue was ready. I am not sure if this is something one is able to recreate or not, though it has occurred on two separate occasions in the same fashion.

The general steps to this were:
1.login into game character; level 80
2.join ‘random trial queue’ from queue menu
3.accept queue when ready
(4.)while on loading screen one will be automatically booted to login screen; though not every time does this happen

I am not sure if this is a personal connection issue or something game/server related, so I am posting this question to see if this is common to other players or something specifically related to me and my PlayStation/internet connection. As I do not have an extensive knowledge of how these things work I am looking for some clarification. Thank you for your time and I hope this is simply a personal internet connection issue!


  • Happens to me every great once in a while. Though annoyingly enough there are times where it happens back to back... Will have it happen when I change zones and when I try to change characters. Had it quite a few times lately where I try to change characters and keep getting booted back to the start screen.
  • joe7777joe7777 Posts: 227Member Arc User
    My first random queue up in awhile to Random Skirmish and I got booted to login too, and then timed out loading characters. Not the first time I've experienced this but this could be quite a bother if it is constant and through all of them.
  • autumnwitchautumnwitch Posts: 531Member Arc User
    This always happens to me when any of my pallsies do their first queue of the day. Everyone else is fine, just my pallies. Odd as heck
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