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Barbarian Blademaster help

Has there been any discussion on helping the blademaster path become viable for TOMM to compete with Wizards, Rogues, and Archers. IMO if you could convert at least one Defense companion slot to Offense for Blademaster path would help tremendously. It's kind of terrible that Barbs are excluded from this dungeon due to trying to split our class rather than just give us 2 options.


  • I hear that. Tons of phase 3 experience, but finding runs is like pulling teeth out. Really unfortunate.
  • giz#2086 giz Posts: 162Member Arc User
    They need to make a token to make classes with support role able to select to play only DPS and turn the class into a 100% DPS class, be can't have balance when we have pure role classes and second tier DPS classes like Barbarian, Warlock, etc.
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