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Audio issue: static discharge bursts

roadkill#6177 roadkill Posts: 174Member Arc User
Noticeable even with all in-game audio settings turned to 0. Happens frequently, and consistently at some locations on every map.

Started to notice it back in September around the time Microsoft had a known audio issue in some games with a Cumulative Windows 10 update. I installed Microsoft's fix but no change. I uninstalled Windows updates, no change. I updated my audio drivers, no change. It's a sound/effect I only hear in Neverwinter and not anywhere else online or playing offline games. Support ticket response was to post in forum which I've procrastinated until now to post.

Operating system is Windows 10 Pro. Someone in our Alliance said they are a Window's Insider and that they know Windows 10 Pro is problematic for Neverwinter and possibly other games.
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