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Soulweaver must support and heal only now?!

I don't know every class's previous powers and which class lost what but the somewhat recent changes to Warlock Soulweaver removing Killing Flames as an Encounter Power option effectively pigeon-holing a Soulweaver to have very little damage output is confusing.

Oathkeeper (Paladins) have Smite with a whopping 900 magnitude and Bane 480 magnitude.

Devout (Clerics) have Geas 500 magnitude (albeit with a long cooldown).

Killing Flames had it's magnitude increased to 500-750 magnitude but is now only for Hellbringer.

Why such drastic measures?


  • lordtweety#3604 lordtweety Posts: 273Member Arc User
    I had to smile when I read this.

    To quote Sephiroth, 'Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away.'
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  • mongol69mongol69 Posts: 256Member Arc User
    edited November 17
    Probably because it looked pretty bad that the healer role could do about as much actual damage as the dps role on warlocks...which wasn't much anyways.
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