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The Shadow of Idris companion from the Darkened Storyteller's Journal is too squishy.

ghostsavage19ghostsavage19 Posts: 3Member Arc User
edited November 13 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
I've noticed how squishy Idris was when I was doing my Random:Dungeon Queue - Cloaked tower was my dungeon. In the beginning of cloaked tower, I seen her get destroyed by one zombie right before you reach the door; I said to myself "She is squishier than the three ice dwarves that comes from the "Frozen Storyteller's Journal." And it's funny to me that the three ice dwarves are so tanky that they can take an annihilation to the face from halaster in TOMM.
1) Get the Darkened Storyteller's Journal to mytic.
2) Find any area with enemies and save one enemy just for Idris to try to kill.
3) Summon her from the artifact once you've saved at least 1 person for her to kill
After that she should have died within seconds contesting that one enemy (Should take one or two hits for her demise).
Observed Result: The Shadow of Idris DR/HP is way too low. Also, her minions that she summons are way too squishy too.
Expected Result: The Shadow of Idris DR/HP should equate to the three ice dwarves from the "Frozen Storyteller's Journal."
Edit: Here is a clip of how squishy Idris is. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjyrYj8WIXw6zEEcsIe4axT1C1WQ?e=qaIQLY
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