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Bonding runestones not working as advertised

Reading the description for bonding runestones, it seems that regardless of what comp you have summoned that you should get 50%(R11 for simplicity of math sake) x 3 of pets stats applied to you. The description does not specify that it is only for certain stats from certain comps. This does not work with HP, making empowered runestones worth significantly less to tanks than anyone else(though the market suggests empowereds are the BIS). HP also don't transfer to owner from comps other than augments, and again it's only the base HP of that augment, not total if you equip empowered into defense slots of comp gear. Again, the description for bondings does not specify that it won't work on HP from any comp other than an augment. This is false advertising IMHO.

Is this WAI? If so please change bonding description to fit what is really going on. If it is not WAI, please fix the bondings so they work properly(ie as advertised). As they are described right now, bonding runestone contains false advertisement, they DO NOT transfer a portion of all of your pets stats to the owner. Only everything but HP.

I have seen multiple discussions posted on this particular issue, and yet not one single response from anyone on the dev team.

This would seem a rather important thing to fix/address IMO. If only to reduce confusion.

If the bondings were working as advertised(currently they DO NOT) a tank(such as myself) would be better off running a Trobriands Construct comp even if only at Epic(purple) as summoned due it's 600k+ base HP.
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