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Where's the famous Neverwinter charity?

chidionchidion Member Posts: 422 Arc User
Since I've been playing Neverwinter Sgt Knox has taken new players to Supply Sgt Quinn for a set of duds since new players arrive on the shores of Neverwinter all but naked.

That's about 5 years of Neverwinter providing something other than a player's small clothes for a player to wear when they aren't wearing their questing and combat gear.

Now Sgt Knox acts like he doesn't even know Sgt Quinn and Sgt Quinn stands in his usual spot asking passing characters for donations, that he never appears to give out - at least not to new players.

Aside from this obvious and sad omission from the latest, new player story line, new players are being welcomed to Neverwinter given combat gear and essentially being told to; "get to work", apparently expected to run around in their small clothes when not wearing their combat gear.

Have the people of Neverwinter lately become so miserly or has Neverwinter fallen on such hard times, they can no longer afford to provide new arrivals with tattered peasant garb or basic leather pants and tunics before sending them our with used armor and asking them to risk life and limb in defense of Neverwinter?

Sad ~


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