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Undermountain Expedition

For the past 3 weeks now when I use a Resonance I’m unable to claim items out of the chest and it doesn’t matter if I’m solo or with a group. I spent too much money and Work to hard in this game to have this happen on every run. Also support function on here is laughable like what’s up with the run around if one has an issue let them create a ticket outright we’re ALREADY frustrated with the game but yet you take frustration to a whole nother level when a person has an issue just creating a ticket.


  • mdarkangel#4696 mdarkangel Posts: 434Member Arc User
    Make sure you have the "Rune-Etched Armor" quest active in your journal. You do not need to complete this quest, but you do need to have it in your journal. Without this quest you will not be able to collect anything from the chest. If you don't have this quest go back to Runemaster Sinye in Yawning Portal and pick it up. If you do have this quest, try abandoning it and picking it up again.
  • I’ll see if that works for me

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