PVP season rewards

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After great work with tales of the old "fix" - I am very afraid of discussing something with the game developers team. It's really looks like they can't do anything working ok. But maybe the miracle will happen.

Cleric 3/15 pages and 11-6 (win-loss) - 10 reward coins

Warlock 9/15 pages and 2-4 (win-loss) - 40 сoins

This is stupid - what for do we have ratings page?
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  • alfalolz
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    rewards are messed. Those who are on the first page, got 5 coins... and those who are on the last pages got 100 =) please fix asap.
  • kalina311
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    consider yourself lucky I got 0 coins for a top 10% place finish : D any word on a fix on this
    can some one clarify did people receive coins via mail (like the last time / leader board reset) or did it automatically appear in their pvp currency
  • aixis2000
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    I got my battle trophies...they were in seasons reward store...blue bag top left