Can we have more profession bag space please?

mintmark Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 125 Arc User
I thought I'd use this guild marks weekend to make some masterworks items, but my plans have been scuppered because my bag is full!

Each item I want to make needs four or five ingredients, and they each come from a couple of raw materials. And we have a few generations of masterworks to accommodate, along with things like black ice, summer and winter festival etc. And there are +1 versions that are worth keeping for many materials.

Can we have some more space please? Surely our workshops have lots of shelves and cupboards...

Still, at least there's plenty of room to store all my duplicate vanity pets :/


  • planestrider#4331
    planestrider#4331 Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    Yes, please!
    The crafting sys tries to follow the fun and fluent ways of tycoon games, but kills all fluency and thereby fun before they can happen. Also, the restriction of three slots for gathering / crafting is annoying: no reason there and always more people employed than active. I understand that some parts of the game need to be paywalled or super slow, but please keep the main gameplay fun, even that of crafting ... it's not like the workshop staff is too stupid to store their work and the boss needs to do that for them.