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Get coalescent wards to preview store.

Well, that's pretty simple, if we get the new artifacts and artifact sets in pre, I'd prefer to not copy 2-5 character to have items upgrading them up.

And maybe the preview store would need a little sorting, but this would solve the 5 types of every armor and weapon enchantments currently stocked there. Though, I'd like the Rank 12 to stay with the Rank 8's, to save time and to buy bulk and discard for RP fast.


  • kors#9447 kors Posts: 66Member Arc User
    Totally agree! I would suggest to add everything for free in preview. Coalescent, preservation ward, all stones and marks of all ranks, enchantments and runestones rank 15. In this way everybody can have the possibilty to test everything on 360°. It's not nice to copy so many times the character only to have everything to build up. And, despite of this, there are so many people that have not this kind of things in live and are not able to have them copying the character many times. So, allow to get for 1 copper coin them as it is for other things. And with everything I mean EVERYTHING, even insignias. The preview is a place were we can try everything in order to know what we need in live. So, put everything for free, please.
    Last but not least: race reroll is not working, please check it.
  • tig3r#3674 tig3r Posts: 3Member Arc User
    enchanting stone, rank 5 = 1 at a time buy, please change this to 1-99 buy like the other mats, thanks

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