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First impressions on new Lvl 71-80 Craftings

Loaded up Preview to look at the new crafting recipes, a few things I noticed and feel need mentioning:

A) - New craftable supplements are Lvl 71 craft, and have no stat advantage over the Lvl 70 craftable supplements Adept's Electuary and Workman's Cordial. I would request that the new supplements be moved down to 75 or 80 craft level and be given a buff stat wise.
B - The equip powers on the rings seem weird. One ring has all DEF stats, and gives Contender's Might (1000 Power when in combat with 1 enemy), and another ring has all OFF stats and gives Contender's Parry (1000 Deflect). I'm thinking that these rings are at best a placeholder for better gear, but the current stat + equip power setup seems contradictory with itself.
C - There was only one lvl 80 Belt currently that I saw. Could we get a 2nd added to Tailoring like the current Lvl 70 setup? Drakehide Belt & Shimmerweave Sash for 70, Stonehide Belt & Velvet Sash for 80.
D - I like the stats on the new crafted stuff. It's back to the method of Crafted gear is a solid starting line for a fresh 80 char to get them into MEs / Hunts / Campaigns with a good base of stats and weapon dmg. Especially like that the weapons are close stat-wise (still less than) to Legend Burnished. Gives newer players a weapon to use while they hunt that ever elusive Alabaster.
E - Reinforcements and Jewels. Can we hope for Lvl 80 versions of those please? And hopefully something to apply to Shirt and Pants slots please?
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  • zimxero#8085 zimxero Posts: 412Member Arc User
    edited July 15
    Sounds promising... more utility without being overpowered. Would be nice to see some reinforcements that go onto pants and shirts though. A line of "effect" Jewels would be awesome here.
  • acelandowacelandow Posts: 15Member Arc User
    So the Professions are going to Level 80, but the Artisans are all still maxed at level 70. Wouldn't it make sense for them to go to level 80 now as well?

    And why is the Workshop no longer a place you can travel to?
  • bayaz#7892 bayaz Posts: 65Member Arc User
    You need VIP Lv2 to travel to the workshop directly. No Vip on preview,no traveling there directly.
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  • mark1971jmsmark1971jms Posts: 14Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I agree with @acelandow . The levels for the artisans should go to lvl 80. It seems odd that everything else is 80 max but the artisans.
  • beveragebbb#8975 beveragebbb Posts: 9Member Arc User
    You can only craft up to level 75 items. Anything above that and you need to increase your profession level above 70. However, the profession level is max'd at 70. The artisan is max'd at 70. Why release items that nobody is going to be able to craft?
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