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Is it worth it to play again?

seanatanozaseanatanoza Posts: 21Member Arc User
Last time I play was approx last year when TONG/CODG was still the dungeon .. and as what I've read comments they said that NW not worth it anymore.. what I've seen that its not GWF anymore lol

Is it still worth it to play again and are there still many players?


  • sgtpostal#4408 sgtpostal Posts: 255Member Arc User
    depends on how you look at it.... yes they made alot of changes to EVRYTHING with mod 16 (feats powers boons comps gear class names) combat is alot slower now takes way longer to do stuff
    is it anything near what it used to be.... NOT EVEN CLOSE
    are there as many players as there used to be NOT EVEN CLOSE
    Is it still worth playing that depends on how you like the changes they have made to the game since you played last
    alot of likes and dislikes so really player preferences and taste
  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Posts: 138Member Arc User
    Like I tell anyone the way one should look at mod 16 is like this. Your going to either like it and enjoy it or your simply going to dislike it and not care for it any more.
    There really is no in between when it comes to what they did in this mod.
    Personally I my self enjoy it for what it is but at the same time I also dislike not having anything but 1 dungeon to do each day after doing master expeditions.
    That will only become worse when mod 17 hits.
    I feel most may over react on the changes but really its not 100% all bad.
  • greywyndgreywynd Posts: 3,823Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Whether or not it is "worth it to play again" totally depends on your reasons you stopped playing.
    Better to be a white knight than a knight with no honor.

    With your shield or on it.
  • clericalistclericalist Posts: 563Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I think its worth playing, the changes to the game mechanics were sorely needed, now dungeons such as TONG are much more balanced and enjoyable to play.
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 1,056Member Arc User

    .... are there still many players?

    No, there never is, all online games bleed out players over time. This game is no exception and loses (by my best research) about 1% every month. They have swells and they have dips, but over all the population decreases because people are people.

    Last time I play was approx last year when TONG/CODG was still the dungeon .. and as what I've read comments they said that NW not worth it anymore..

    Since then they added Ravenloft, Acquisitions Inc., and Undermountain. I like Ravenloft the best, I am just into the vampires and werewolf theme. A.I. is too campy for my taste and Undermountain can be completed very fast, maybe faster than Elemental Evil. Both Ravenloft and Undermountain you get handed new gear at the very start. This starter gear is better than prior mods but not the best. As for Great Weapons Fighter, that class no longer exists, they have Barbarian now and mine has no issues with game play, so I don't know what you are driving at that statement. There will always be comments about "not worth it" by other players upset by changes. I am upset they removed the Foundry on Aprill 11th and destroyed all those stories. But I am still here... plotting and planning.
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 1,056Member Arc User
    I am sorry if I am wrong about the poster, but I really do get tired of seeing threads full of good answers to a "loaded question" that was more or less a statement or point of view. The poster fails to respond because they did not get the irate hate filled rants they desired. Once again, I don't know for a fact if that was the objective here. It is my opinion, the only reason to be asking is the time to download is costing you somehow. I could fully see someone asking the "worth" of non-free games (e.g. Black Desert for $10 or Guild Wars the original trilogy for $30) as @greywynd stated above we still have no idea what made you stop after mod 13. Free games such as this are download and play or don't play, when something is given freely it has no value.
  • zimxero#8085 zimxero Posts: 292Member Arc User
    It's worth playing for sure!

    Is it perfect? no

    Is it fun? at times it's a blast. Other times it depends on your patience and your expectations.

    Will it get better as time goes on? Certainly

    Will the population rebound? Doubtful, but I expect this particular MMO to have strong population retention and last 10 more years.

    Suggestion: Come back and run an old player through the new content with minimal investment. If you are not satisfied with state of the class... create a new character & port all your valuables over to it. Start fresh. Play another game along side if you don't feel 100% engaged and excited. It's not necessary... but being able to dump a few hundred dollars a year into Neverwinter definately reduces the grind. Good Luck.
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