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Introductory ME into MOD 17 area is unusually difficult after last patch

hastur905hastur905 Posts: 113Member Arc User

So upon entering my first time solo, having done this a few times i was surprised to see that my interloping was not looked at kindly by the local Intellect Devourer's. I quickly called for aid and my friend Valentina decided to bring their magic skills with them. As you can see from the picture from act, after completing the first of the three sections, Valentina had died 5 time producing 58.7 Million damage, myself a mere 51.5 Million in damage. Yes those numbers are correct, each critter as you like to refer to them had approx 2.4M to 3.5M hitpoints. The Inquisitor boss at the end did have 3.8M damage but he seemed normal, our effectivness was 78% on the boss, but less than 50% to 0% on the majority of the critters.

The Hitpoint values and damage resistances need to be corrected in the introductory Master Exhibition after patch on 7/12/2019. Critter HP range from 2.4 million to 3.5 million, and Damage resistence is 25 to 75% more than the boss.

@terramak @lassor


  • mord#3639 mord Posts: 13Member Arc User
    I second this. In the 'Warden Expedition (Illithid)' Quest, the smaller critters are far too overpowered, the bosses are about the same as current Mod 16 ME bosses.
  • shiani1shiani1 Posts: 312Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I can't get past the first fight. And since I don't have any of my previous copies any more for the first time ever, I'm not in my guild so no SH boons. And there is an item in my inventory upon entering the expedition that says equip, but it has no name and no tooltip description and the equip option does nothing at all.
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  • liadan1984#8734 liadan1984 Posts: 36Member Arc User
    I had the same experience with the Warden expeditions with my Arbiter Cleric. Got an Arena fight, the boss seemed to be about the same difficulty as it would be on ME's in M16. But in rooms or corridors.... I have no chance to regenerate my divinity, because I have to constantly be on move to try stay alive, emphasis on try, because I cant. I'd be lucky if one of my encounter powers would crit, then it would take off about 10% of their HP, otherwise....
    A couple of alliance friends got through it, one on a Ranger and one on a Warlock (both do much higher DPS than I do), but it took a significant amount of time for them to complete, and they both said it was fairly difficult.

    An no access to SH boons, because none of us saw the post on the forums regarding the wipe (well, I did.... 3 days after the wipe)...
  • rickcase276rickcase276 Posts: 1,181Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I had no issues with my arbiter doing the warden expeditions or the intro expedition. It was about the same as doing a solo 1-rune ME in mod 16 for me.
  • liadan1984#8734 liadan1984 Posts: 36Member Arc User
    Rick, was that before or after the patch?
    The intro expedition that I ran before the patch was of the same difficulty level as the normal expeditions in M16.
    However, my experience (and the experience of my alliance friends) of the warden expedition that was run after the patch, was that this was MUCH more difficult than the 1-rune ME's (more difficult than the 3-rune ME's too). I can solo a group of critters in 3-rune ME's without too much difficulty. A group of critters in the warden expedition had me use my health stone multiple times, my res scrolls multiple times.
    I re-specced to increase my defensive stats (which decreased my offensive stats), but to no avail. I was still splattered like a bug on a trucks windscreen.
  • rickcase276rickcase276 Posts: 1,181Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited July 14
    I just ran a warden expedition after the patch, and it was about the same difficulty as a 1-rune ME from the live server. This was without any runes. But yes they could tone them down to be more in line with how they are on live.
  • hastur905hastur905 Posts: 113Member Arc User
    @rickcase276 you are I am afraid just wrong, if you looked a the provided link to the picture from ACT you would see that the critters have Hitpoints of around 3 million, this was not the case in any of the previous versions. Provide me with an ACT shot of ur "same as before" Warden Expeditions. Before u ask, the ACT is from a no runestone run. So even if the one runestone run is the same, is is not relevent to the discussion of zero runestone run.
  • adinosiiadinosii Posts: 3,837Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    So it's not just me then. I tried doing a warden expedition yesterday, and did not really expect any issues, but whoa....those trash mobs are tough.

    Something is clearly wrong when the trash mobs are more dangerous than the bosses.
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  • rickcase276rickcase276 Posts: 1,181Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I was purely meaning that is takes the same amount of time, and taking the same amount of damage etc, from when I was running 1-rune runs solo back at the beginning of Mod16, when my arbiter was only 17-18k ilevel, does not feel anything like the current 24k runs. That is how the current warden expeditions feel to me, but results will vary. And yes at 17-18k I was chugging potions and lots of deaths. Not meaning anything about the raw numbers or anything, just pure feel.
  • silence1xsilence1x Posts: 1,489Member Arc User
    Sorry but I have to disagree with rickcase276. Either you have the god mode switch, your build is seriously OP, OR you're confusing pre-patch with post-patch behavior. I'd love to see your ACT logs before and after the patch.
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  • lagiblagib Posts: 6Member Arc User
    i'm glad its not just me... i thought something went wrong with my spec-out.. with one rune, 1st room trash mobs killed me three times before i had a noticeable dent in their HP bar. That may or may not be bug but we need the new gear, to make a difference, who knows.. but damn.. they are tough!
  • dontez1dontez1 Posts: 74Member Arc User
    The Warden Expedition is defiantly over tuned if its suppose to be completed by a single person and not a group. I could not kill any of the mobs in the first room with out them killing me first. I put a dent in them.. but they got me first. I did have the Undead spawn which is tough anyways..but never that tough. I tear through 3 rune expeditions solo.. This is harder than that.
  • paranoidgnome#3255 paranoidgnome Posts: 2Member Arc User
    Ditto. Too beaucoups.
  • draugkirdraugkir Posts: 98Member Arc User
    Warden Expedition not ment to be easy i think.. unlike Mountain ones.

    Still.. low il chars will have na hard time running them.. but thats probably what devs wanted in the first place.
  • hastur905hastur905 Posts: 113Member Arc User
    They are fixed @draugkir , 3 days ago it was fixed.
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