OFFICIAL M17: Revised New Player Experience



  • arazith07
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    I cannot test the introductory quests because I'm not able to create a new character. I already have eight characters on preview and there is no way of getting more character slots.

    there is no limit to how many characters you can have on preview.....i had 34 at one time
    There is a limit to how many you can create (Only if you have less than 2), but no limit to how many you can transfer.
  • micky1p00
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    I don't see the benefit of moving the bank NPCs outside of their windows. It makes much less sense than the older system.

  • auron#6793
    auron#6793 Member Posts: 369 Arc User
    adinosii said:

    The Wilfred/Makos change makes no sense to me. It was nice as it was - the sad story of Wilfred made perfect sense, but now....just pointless... running into his shrine or him as undead wwas nice - but now it just makes no sense. I totally, fundamentally disagree with this change.

    I totaly agree it makes no sense at all now. Makos isn't exactly inexperienced either so him running at valindra makes no sense either (even if he did, couldn't he just teleport out of the way?).

    unless there is some legal issue with willifred's character like how Daith was changed to Xander in Idle Champions, I don't understand why this was done either.
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  • pitshade
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    My guess is that mod 18 will have a return to the Makos storyline.
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  • vuzlyn#4635
    vuzlyn#4635 Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    I like seeing Makos have a larger role in the tutorial. However, as other have said, having an obviously powerful warlock (just took down a dracolich) not be able to do any significant damage to the undead on the Sleeping Dragon bridge makes no sense. The amount of assistance provided would be low even for Private Wilfred. Changing things so that whoever is there survives the encounter with Valindra is fine, but having it be Makos is not reasonable.
  • adinosii
    adinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
    I see the bank employees are back inside (which is good, it just felt silly to have them standing outside), but .... eh, did they swap places? That is, the Bank is where the Guild bank used to be and vice versa ?
    Hoping for improvements...
  • vuzlyn#4635
    vuzlyn#4635 Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    I like that Lt. Linkletter is introduced in the tutorial. That makes it a bit more personal when he is seen later.
    A major oversight is that, unless the character moves close to the fire, no one tells the new player that fires are used for healing. Hoping that they move close enough to the fire to receive a critical part of the tutorial is NOT a good idea. IMO, since new characters were pulled from the front lines they should be at 1/2 hit points then Lt. Linkletter could tell them to heal by the fire; this will guarantee they get this essential information.

    They should explain how to use the Shift key/double tap a movement key for defense right just before the first battle because those zombies do real damage now. This is not a problem for most characters, but a Wizard with no armor (and, it seems, low damage) will take a lot of damage while trying to kill zombies.

    Many of the random names do not fit in the text box; a slightly smaller font would be better in that location.
  • arazith07
    arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,438 Arc User
    Linkletter was always there, I am sad that Wilfred was removed though :(