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Am I missing something really cool about this "Soul Scorch" malarkey?

mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
I'm a part time Warlock, but an enthusiastic one with over 20K IL and Alabaster weapons. Even my old Owlbear Cub has come back out to play!

I've been pottering away on six classes since M16 dropped on X Box a few weeks ago, and there are some things I like, some things I love, and some things that get on my nerves like nails down a chalkboard.

I'm really enjoying Hellbringer, but I have to ask... "Soul Scorch? Whuh?" It does... less damage than an At-Will... it does single figure DoT... doubled if I waste dedicate a Feat... and if it gets to 6 before everything dies I get to use it to knock a second off my cool-downs?

Have you SEEN how COOL the new DPS Cleric mana pool mechanic is????? They even get to use theirs after a fight to recharge stuff. With Soul Scorch it's gone before you can blink...

Am I missing something really special and useful about this... what seems like an afterthought?

Cool downs aren't the issue with Warlocks that they can be with other classes, but how about, Soul Scorch remains charged for at least a couple of seconds after combat, and when not in combat it can be applied to thin air in order to speed up Encounter cool down between fights or maybe add a couple of Action Points? Or... something...


  • vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User
    An 18-spark Soul Scorch has magnitude on par with most other Warlock encounters, and regularly shaving 3 seconds off of active cooldowns is pretty decent. What's unfortunate is that the sparks we spend for this mechanic happen to be tied to a passive damage increase, but it generally is worth taking advantage of.

    The Arbiter mechanic is very different, and Hellbringer happens to blow Arbiter out of the water in DPS at the moment, so I wouldn't be too envious of what they have going on.

    Sacrilege - Warlock
    Contagion - Cleric
    Testament - Wizard
    Pestilence - Ranger
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