No Jubilee Vendor?

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In past events it had been my recollection that the event vendor normally hangs around for a week after the event. I also recall a couple times when, due to event extensions or whatever, the vendor wasn't going to be around for the extra week, and they pointed that out in a post.

My last two days of the Jubilee event got a bit too busy IRL, so I made the conscious decision that if I got the time to go in and cash in all my bounties and hospitalities etc. and shop the store, I would, and if I didn't, no biggie. So not complaining that the event vendor isn't there, just it brings up some questions:

1) Do we have some sort of standard approach to vendors staying a week/not staying? It seems a bit iffy to rely on something that 'usually' happens only to have it occasionally not happen.

2) One thing I had planned to buy was the Protector's Garden unlock for my new character (the one who got ripped off by the early removal of the Neverember's Recruit event rewards). However, he can currently enter the garden anyway. Is this because participating in the event unlocked the garden without the key? Or is it because the 'Jubilee event Garden is open to all' access is still turned on, even though the vendor was removed?

3) @nitocris83 : This question was brought up in an earlier thread, but afaik not answered: The Protectors Bounty, Hospitalities, Figurines and Renown tokens all currently do not show that they expire. Is that a change for Mod 16 and going forward (that these items can be banked for the next event?) or is it simply a tooltip/display error that is not showing whether they expire or not?

Any thoughts or answers appreciated, thanks!


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    When they extended jubilee for a week because of the various bugs in the event, they pushed up against the next event. When announcing this, it was mentioned that the jubilee vendor wont be around any extra time, due to the need for the llira vendor to occupy that spot in PE, so i would hope that this is a special situation and we will go back to the normal format after llira ends.
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    Having the vendor from a previous event unavailable when that event is back to back with another one is common, it happens frequently.